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Q: what abilities do you value in the early education of preschool children? How do you lead? [win in the starting point early education center] attaches importance to the cultivation of learning ability and habit, good learning ability and habit can achieve a lifetime. On the one hand, our parents will personally demonstrate, lead by example, guide children to develop a good habit of learning norms; On the other hand, through learning professional and standardized early education courses, children can be taught in a planned and targeted way.

Q: how old is your child when he started early education? What is the big progress your child is making at the starting point? What is the teaching philosophy/method that you agree to win at the starting point?

Start taking classes at the starting point at age 3. Great progress is that when children are exposed to new knowledge, they have a more correct and efficient learning method and a certain ability to learn, which lays a solid foundation for their future study and life. [win at qidian early education center]

Very recognize the ability to win at the starting point of the concept of early education, to cultivate children's learning ability rather than the knowledge infusion of the test, if for the sake of learning to learn, test for test, that is to give the child back a heavy bag. Of course, what we should learn is to learn, but we should pay attention to methods and methods. We should always win at the starting point in a form that children are willing to accept and like. We should integrate knowledge points into small games.

Q: what do you think is your child's major advantage in becoming a "cow boy"? [win at qidian early education center]

In fact, children still have a lot of room for progress. He has a strong desire to express himself. For example, he is brave enough to speak his mind in front of everyone in class and does not have stage fright. But sometimes there will be, if the teacher did not ask him to answer, will be a little unhappy, this is also need to slowly guide the improvement.

Q: what do you think are the important responsibilities of parents in the family education field? What is your experience of growing up as a child? [win at qidian early education center]

As far as the current education situation in China is concerned, parents' education for their children is limited in time. We parents can only guide and cultivate their learning habits and methods in a limited time based on our accumulated experience. At the same time, also want to pay attention to the success of children, learning not too utilitarian, to enjoy the learning process of happiness.

Q: what is your advice for the families who will face the small test of young promotion in the future? [win at qidian early education center]

In fact, many families will be at a loss what to do when they are young. After all, it is the first time for them to become parents. Now what are the procedures for admission to higher education, what are the matters needing attention? It is not clear to everyone that I choose to win at the starting point. One of the reasons why it is important for me to win at the starting point is that there will be relevant courses specifically targeted at the connection between young and young students.

Young rise small interview is a very important link in the process that the child enters a school actually, win to be able to have relevant intensive class course in the starting point, the effect after the child of my home attends is very good, be aimed at to enter a school very helpful. I hope parents can give their children professional guidance through professional institutions.

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