Shanghai nearly 60 percent of parents to their children to report early education curriculum experts

Issuing time:2018-04-26 00:00

In recent years, China's early education has developed rapidly, and various early education institutions have mushroomed in various cities. According to a report released by the user evaluation center of the Shanghai quality association, 57.1 percent of parents in Shanghai said they had signed up for early education courses for their children. Among them, 39.9 percent of children aged 0 to 3 have started classes.

"With pacifier" to participate in early education phenomenon is not uncommon, but the actual effect of early education can really help children "one step ahead"? The reporter visited some early education institutions a few days ago and experienced the so-called special courses -- flash CARDS. It is the teacher took out a stack of CARDS printed with the scenery of foreign cities, with a rapid speed to switch and broadcast.

In the interview, many parents expressed doubts. One mother said: "every part of the class is very fast, and the teacher speaks very fast. I can't even see the flash card clearly, let alone a child.

"After 18 classes, I've been showing flashcards to my kids," admitted one senior member.

Flashcards are used to develop children's memories, but children's ability to learn, including later memory, comes from interest, experts are quoted as saying.

Although the child can accept early education from birth, but it is not necessary to find institutions for training or subject learning. For some "with pacifier" to the institution of the children in class, it is obvious that the seedlings.

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