Can early education classes really give kids a head start?

Issuing time:2018-04-26 00:00

As soon as children can speak, they begin to learn to read, listen to English, recite the multiplication table... Many parents bear chuai "win on starting line" idea, try every means lets the child learn knowledge more in preschool. However, huang LAN, a deputy to the municipal people's congress and a primary school teacher at zhonghua road, believes that excessive early education does not allow children to win at the starting line. It is more important for preschool children to develop their cognitive abilities.

On January 28, huang LAN suggested that the city's unified kindergarten teaching goals should be set to enable children to achieve basic unity in cognitive, social and self-care abilities when they are "young".

There is a significant difference in the learning progress of junior students

Even before he entered primary school, four-year-old xiao heng knew many Chinese characters and memorized dozens of tang poems.

"When he enters school, he will feel very confident." Xiao heng's mother, ms Lou, is proud.

Luo told reporters that xiao heng and another child had been counting together, to 20, the child will not be able to count, xiao heng can continue to count.

"Some parents' enthusiasm for early education has led to significant differences in the learning progress of lower grade students in primary schools." 'some students know a lot, but others need to start from scratch,' Ms. Huang said. "Our teacher will have a hard time, too. In some classes, teachers have had to improvise other assignments in order not to bore students who already know how to do it.

Early education should be moderate to let children enjoy childhood

"Many parents believe that early education can help their children win at the starting line. But in fact, knowing thousands of Chinese characters, memorizing hundreds of tang poems and being able to speak a lot of English words doesn't mean much. Huang LAN said, early education good students at the beginning of the advantages may be obvious, but if the children do not have outstanding thinking ability and learning ability, to the senior grades, we are back to the same starting line.

What should preschool students learn? Huang LAN believes that the most important thing is to let children enjoy their childhood, and the second is to guide them how to get along with people and nature, and cultivate their independent basic living ability and thinking ability. "What's important is the development of cognitive ability. It's not too late for education to start in primary school."

In fact, more and more parents are aware of this and begin to cultivate their children's interests.

"This should be moderate." 'parents should pay close attention to their children's characteristics, be good at what they learn and have interest in learning,' Ms. Huang said. 'don't force them.'

Unified provision of kindergarten teaching objectives

In addition to family education, kindergarten is also an important position to cultivate preschool children.

At present, the city has clearly stipulated that kindergartens are not allowed to teach the education content of pinyin, Chinese character writing, written arithmetic, mental arithmetic and other primary schools in advance in the way of centralized teaching or disguised centralized teaching.

"It's not clear what to teach, it's not clear what to teach. Children from different kindergartens are different in all aspects. Huang suggested that the teaching objectives of kindergartens in the city could be unified planning to guide children to achieve a basically consistent level in cognitive, social, self-care and other abilities after graduation from kindergartens, so as to make a smooth transition in the stage of "small rise".

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