Suitable for pre-school pupils (4-6 years old)

The vivid and interesting magic cube course attracts children's eyeballs, thus solving the problem that it is difficult to recruit pupils. It truly starts from the children's point of interest. The intelligent teaching system makes it easier to manage the pupils. The independent back-end system ensures that the course progress is controlled in real time and the course assignment is easier. At the same time, it provides a solution to the standardization of teachers, redistributes teaching tasks to teachers, reduces teachers' professional requirements for magic cube teaching, and makes the teaching process more convenient, the teaching form more novel and the courses more attractive to young children.

TESMAL's educational philosophy was first proposed by a US education expert. It was originally the Stem concept. It is an educational trend in the context of a new comprehensive discipline in the international community. By combining the educational philosophy of Montessori and Reggio Emilia with innovative ideas and also by takingWhat qualities and abilities will children need in the futureas the starting point, we have extracted the six most core super-disciplinary themes in the children's growth process, trying to ensure that children have deep and extensive inquiry and learning in all fields, so as to better face future challenges.

Suitable for preschool pupils (3-7 years old)

"Zebra Magic cube Juvenile Edition" is a set of magic cube enlightenment courses based on the combination of international techniques, observation and associative memory. It is the sublimation of the children's version and is also the best course for juveniles to learn magic cube. Through years of research and development and in combination with the teachers' own experience in learning and teaching magic cube as well as the constant perfection of research and development of magic cube teaching, we have finally developed this set of juvenile courses, which takes magic cube competition as the direction but doesnt lose the fun of learning. It absorbs the magic cube learning skills of many magic cube masters at home and abroad. At the same time, it also brings together the magic cube teaching ideas of many magic cube teaching experts at home and abroad and is truly the enlightenment tutorial most suitable for teenagers and children.

Suitable for preschool pupils (7-15 years old)

"Zebra Sport Stacking Cup" is an intelligent multimedia courseware after the magic cube course. It is suitable for 4-6 years old children and has a total of 8 class hours, about 30 minutes a class. The children can learn the standard method of the Youth Olympics International Competition. The courseware can improve the following qualities of the children: 1. self-confidence, 2. hand-eye coordination, 3. reaction ability, 4. observation ability, 5 thinking logic. It includes not only the Cycle gameplay but also the parent-child (double) gameplay and can cultivate the tacit understanding between the children and their parents. It also has the teamwork mode to cultivate the team spirit of children.

Suitable for preschool pupils (3-7 years old)

Suitable for preschool pupils (3-8 years old)

First of all, through considerations of perfecting the course, we select eight types of interesting magic that are suitable for children to learn and perform, so as to ensure that they are suitable for children to learn and easily perform. In conjunction with the course, the magic items used in the magic are high-quality and very safe!

The course brings a delicate, funny and complete story to the children. The gradual unfolding of the story plot can stimulate childrens interest in learning many funny small magic one after another. Different from the past, the presentation form of the course is more liked by children, thus allowing the children to keep fresh and focused during the boring learning process.

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