Teacher standardization

Service standardization

Customer service and after-sales service staffers provide one-to-one tracking services to children and quickly and effectively solve problems for children in the first time. There are also unified sales activities, event-related and various offline/online event planning and technical support.

Share and customize kindergarten implementation guidance, kindergarten courses, event content planning and other contents.



No professional course teachers are required. Teachers are trained by the company's professional course instructors in a unified way. After the unified teacher training, they can start to teach classes. This makes it easy for kindergartens and institutions to own their own special courses.

Teacher standardization

All teachers are from teacher teams who have had more than ten years of experience in curriculum development. Moreover, teachers graduated from internationally renowned universities personally instruct pupils.

Children are born inquirers. We hope children can think in different ways and look at the world from different angles.

18 class hours a semester, and 30 minutes a class

Course director:Feng Jun Yi

How do the pupils of Zebra Future Education learn?

Independently develop professional courses suitable for Chinese children



As the curriculum developed in combination with the International Education Association's innovative education strategy project, TESMAL is different from the traditional single-disciplinary and book-based education mode but focuses on the cultivation of children's thinking habits and comprehensive abilities.

8 types of carefully selected small magic which have different characteristics and are suitable for preschool children's performance; they have innovative curriculum expression forms and exquisite picture expression and can improve children's self-confidence and exercise their language skills.

Zebra Magician

Zebra Intelligent Magic Cube Course

Through magic cube, one of the world's three incredible educational toys, set up a lively and interesting magic cube course by truly starting from the children's point of interest, so as to let the children experience happy and interesting learning in immersive teaching.


An intelligent curriculum system tailored for children

Zebra Future Education

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